Scouts and Guides

Within the scouting and guiding association, there is a never-ending red tape of procedures, risk assessments and permits that need to be held before the young people get a chance to gain the experience out on the water. That is why we want to make it easier for leaders and groups to get out on the water quickly and safely. 

We can offer bespoke training and support to groups to prepare them to take their own group out on the water; everything including: safety and rescue, instructor awards, risk management training and sourcing equipment.

But we understand that it can take time skills and a lot of funding to be able to get to this position. This is why we have been travelling the country providing training and taster sessions for groups. Why not just book your group on to a session. Whether you need a taster session or a sequence of sessions to build skills, we have the service you need.

Scout Permits


Get to know the scout permit scheme and find out what you need to offer watersports to your scout group.

Permit Training and Assessments

Group Taster Session


We offer training and assessments to groups all over the country to ensure leaders can get their group on the water.

Being an expert paddler or coach is not for everyone. We discount our prices so that taster sessions are affordable and accessible to scout and guide groups.