Scout Permits

For those not in scouting, the Scout Permit Scheme is a fantastic gateway into the sport for groups whose leaders might not have any formal qualifications. Whilst a British Canoeing course is preferred, the Scout Association appreciates that not all leaders have the time or money to attain qualifications which they might then use for free to provide amazing opportunities to their youth members. 


Why a permit?

The permit scheme is open to all members of scouting, be those under 18 wishing to help out in their groups or leaders wanting to take their youth out.

An ideal way to get into a new sport and to share the enjoyment with the scheme's young members, the permit process ensures that the Scout Association's leaders all meet a standard when providing adventurous activities. 

Do I have the skills?

Prime Paddling have worked with many scout groups to offer tailor made training both at a personal and group level. We travel all over the country upskilling leaders and sharing tricks of the trade that we've picked up whilst working with thousands of scouts.  

Why not get in contact for a skills review prior to booking onto an assessment or try out one of our FSRT Courses which cover all of the necessary rescues for when out on the water. 


Upcoming Permit Assessments