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Learn to Paddle

Take to next step and learn how to paddle


Learning to paddle is a great way to keep active and stay healthy. But there are many other benefits of paddlesports: escape into the water, journey into the sea, clear your mind on a tranquil paddle. We will get you started; during your learn to paddle session, we will everything you need to know all the skills you will need to paddle in more adventures places. 

Everyone starts somewhere - why don't you start at Prime Paddling!


A coach will take you out to teach those vital skills every paddler needs. We know that some people want to be told how to do it other might want to explore and learn. Our experienced and qualified coaches adapt their coaching style to suit you. 

Don't think that this is a one off; every time you return to the Beginners Learn to Paddle Session you will learn something new. But if you are ready for the next step, join the Learn to Paddle Intermediate Session and take your skills to the next level.

What else is included in the price? 

  • A Session run by a fully qualified instructor

  • Fully Insured (£5 million)

  • the kayak or paddle board and paddle (you are welcome to bring your own)

  • Buoyancy Aid

  • 90 minutes of paddlesports tuition