Statement of Risk

Prime Paddling places safety as a priority. Adventurous Activities involve some risk for the people taking part. Prime Paddling and its coaches aim to keep these risks as low as possible. The chances of serous injury are extremely low, but the chance of minor Injuries (bruises. bumps and -less likely - minor fracture) are a possible as result of taking part in Adventurous Activities. Prime Paddling and its coaches will minimise  the actual dangers by:

Carrying out a careful risk assessment of all risks before commencing the activity.

Only using experienced instructor with the appropriate qualifications for the activity.

Giving clear safety instructions to everyone participating.

Ensuring equipment and clothing are well-maintained and and suitable for the activity and environment 

Ensunng activities are within the capabilities of the participants.

Asking participants to supply any medical conditions or information.

Ensuring good hygiene standards are kept.

 We expect participants to cooperate with Prime Paddling and its coaches, to ensure the safety of all participants, by following instructions and questions honesty about my medical conditions and other information relating to health and safety.


I (or the parent or guardian of the participant) agree to (my child or I) to take part in the adventurous activities outlined above. I understand there is an element of risk. I declare, to the best of my knowledge, that ((my child or I) is competent and medically fit to participate in the activities as part of a group. I agree that medical treatment will be given if necessary and in the case of an emergency. I understand that the details I have provided will be stored digitally in accordance with Prime Paddling’s GDPR Policy.