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The Paddle School -Paddlesports Summer Camp

A fantastic 5 days of paddlesports and adventure skills. Kayaking, Canoeing, Paddle Boarding, Traditional Rafting, Canoe Rafting, Orienteering, Water Safety and Rescue and many other learning experience on and off the water.

This Monday to Friday experience is even great for the parents - dropping off at 9am and collection up to 5pm: allowing your child to have the time of their life whilst being able to go to work as normal.

The Best Type of Child Care!

Rentals - kayak, canoe or paddle board

Why not hire a paddle board, kayak or canoe and take it for a spin. It is always good to have a go before you buy; it might be that you are just looking for the experience. 

Booking your next kayak/canoe/paddle board rental is easy with Prime Paddling. Simply select a date and time that suits you best. Don’t forget to book ahead, and make sure to follow all safety guidelines during your visit. Got a question, just give us an email or a call.

Don't forget - our huge 8 person paddle board is only £25 for the whole family.


Learn to Paddle - taster, beginner, intermediate paddlesports (kayak/canoe/paddle board)

Prime Paddling Taster Sessions have been running for quite a few years now and have become incredibly popular. A qualified instructor will take you out and teach you the basics - but our taster sessions are all about having fun (that includes the adults).

Our learn to paddle scheme has been designed to take the basics to the next level: learn some skills, develop technique and become a proficient and safe paddler. You can choose from beginner and intermediate course for kayak, canoe and paddle board. Click below to find out more.

Schools, Youth and Cadet Groups

Let us do the work, let us do the fun, just sit back and enjoy.

We can provide sessions that will meet a wide range of the curriculum: physical education, science, geography, PSHE, whilst promoting team work and togetherness. All of this, through our bespoke paddlesports delivery; we offer kayaking, paddle boarding canoeing and rafting - all of which is part of the whole day experience.

Need a school trip, physical activity or outdoor learning experience?

We can provide up to a whole day experience for just £45 per person. If you need something shorter just get in touch to enquire more.


British Canoeing Foundation Safety and Rescue Training

The Foundation Safety and Rescue Training Course is the perfect way to learn the skills needed to be safe on the water and be able to keep other paddlers safe with you. Learn how to rescue and deal with situations in conditions that vitally need the knowledge of rescues and safety.

British Canoeing Paddlesports Instructor Award

This course will give you all the necessary information to run taster and Paddle Discover sessions in a fun and safe way. A dedicated mentor will plan a tailored training programme to ensure that you make the most progress and can move on to instruct safe and exciting sessions for others. During the course you will cover multiple coaching skills with directed support guiding you through the coaching process in a controlled safe environment. This experience is vital to becoming an effective Instructor.



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